Business Case: Providing DMARC MSSP Services to their Clients


Multiple domains being spoofed on a regular basis


Aligning all domains with email relay, SPF, DKIM, MTA-STS TLS-RPT and implementing DMARC


New revenue stream with a large market share along with protecting their customers and themselves against spoofing and phishing attacks


“Our customers are heavily spoofed. By offering Managed DMARC Services along with PowerDMARC, we have secured our clients and built a new profitable service line”

Identifying the problem

  • Multiple Domain Names
  • Lack of visibility on sending sources
  • Spoofing and phishing attacks on customers
  • Marketing mails delivered in junk mail


The main goal of the deployment:

  • Gain insight into all mail channels
  • Authenticate all emails with DKIM
  • Align email deliverability for marketing channels
  • Mitigate the effect of phishing, spoofing, business email compromise
  • Build a new profitable revenue stream for the MSSP