How to get a High Security Rating for Your Domain with Email Authentication Power Analyzer?

A step-by-step guide on getting a higher domain rating with PowerAnalyzer 

The DNS Lookup Limit

What is PowerAnalyzer?

PowerAnalyzer is our free domain analyzer tool that gives you a comprehensive analysis of the different records you have published for your domain and provides you a rating based on how strong your domain’s email security is. PowerAnalyzer helps you find errors in your DNS records in great detail, so that you can mitigate them and get a higher score on your domain’s overall performance and security rating.

Getting a Higher Rating with PowerAnalyzer: What Does It Signify?

A domain that has all necessary authentication protocols implemented correctly and enforced is one that is secure from email spoofing attacks, BEC, and pervasive monitoring attacks like man-in-the-middle, and has a very strong email security infrastructure. Such a domain will most likely have an above 80% rating on PowerAnalyzer. Therefore,  such a rating is a reason for celebration for you as the domain owner. Let’s look at how that can be made possible with our step-by-step guide.

The DNS Lookup Limit

Steps to Get a Higher Security Rating for Your Domain

1. Implement Authentication Protocols

The first step towards achieving a higher rating is implementing authentication protocols to authorize your senders and authenticate your outbound email messages. For this you need to configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your domain.

Correctly configuring authentication protocols will automatically boost your rating.

3. Gain Visibility with Authentication Reports

4. Steer Clear of Common SPF Errors

5. Make Your Brand Visually Identifiable in Your Recipients’ Inboxes

PowerDMARC makes BIMI implementation a cakewalk with an easy 3 step configuration procedure.

6. Protect Your Emails in Transit