PowerDMARC and Cipher Sign On a Memorandum of Understanding at Black Hat MEA Riyadh

PowerDMARC signs on a memorandum of understanding with Cipher at Black Hat MEA, Riyadh, to address email fraud attacks in Saudi Arabia.

Leading US-based email authentication SaaS provider, PowerDMARC, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Saudi-based cybersecurity firm, Cipher, at the prestigious security event of Black Hat MEA 2022. This partnership agreement will enable both parties to advance email authentication practices in Saudi Arabia. 

Following this agreement, both companies will work together in making email safe again in Saudi, a step that is much needed in recent times. With email fraud attacks like phishing and spoofing stripping organizations of billions every year, causing frequent data leaks, and jeopardizing brand credibility, email authentication practices like DMARC has become indispensable. 

Over the years PowerDMARC has strived to make the deployment of email authentication protocols hassle-free, automated, and easy for domain owners. This largely cuts down on maintenance, manual labor, and the complexities involved in configuring them. Time and again customers have been pleasantly surprised with the simplicity and effectiveness of the SaaS platform, as well as the full-stack collection of authentication tools that they can leverage at their fingertips! 

About PowerDMARC

PowerDMARC is a leading email authentication SaaS platform that assembles a complete collection of protocols like DMARC, SPF, DKIM, BIMI, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT on a single scalable interface, helping organizations combat phishing attacks, spoofing, BEC, domain abuse, and ransomware. It is a multi-tenant, DMARC MSP and Whitelabel-ready platform for partners. 

PowerDMARC is trusted by global organizations and governments, with 300+ MSP/MSSP partners and 1000+ customers worldwide. 


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About Cipher

Cipher harbors 20 years of experience in simplifying the perception of complexity surrounding cybersecurity problems and solutions. Their team of cybersecurity experts is dedicated to helping clients better manage their digital security solutions, working tirelessly to develop, customize, and manage Digital Services. 

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