Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from Feb 2024.

Simplify DMARC for Gmail

Configure DMARC Gmail to meet email sender requirements. Start sending authenticated Gmail emails with DMARC – that land in your recipient’s inbox!

What Makes PowerDMARC Stand Out

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You Speak to Trained Experts

Our team consists of trained professionals in the domain of email security and authentication. We tailor solutions that meet your business needs.

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You Get Real Human Support

Rest assured that you are not speaking to bots! Our real human support goes the extra mile to help you achieve your compliance goals.

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You Hear Back Within 24 Hours

We won’t keep you waiting! Someone from our team will reach out to you within 1 business day to answer your queries.

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Enhancing Sender Reputation

When the receiving mail transfer agent learns you have DMARC Gmail setup, your sender reputation goes up! This is a step toward establishing yourself as a trusted sender.

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Reducing Email
Spam Rates

Without a Gmail DMARC record, you remain prone to email spam. Do this to help your receivers maintain a less spammy inbox.

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Minimizing Email

A high bounce rate can be annoying! 90% of our customers experienced a reduction in their email bounce rate after configuring a Gmail DMARC record. 

DMARC Policy Guidelines for Gmail Senders

Gmail DMARC Policy Modes

Gmail supports the following 3 DMARC policy modes: none, quarantine, and reject. To protect your emails against cyberattacks, you need to implement DMARC reject.

Domain Alignment Policies 

Gmail requires the mail From: domain to align with either the SPF or DKIM domain. This is an essential step to pass DMARC alignment

Gmail DMARC Report

Gmail sends DMARC reports. Senders can specify an email address in their Gmail DMARC record, to receive aggregate/forensic reports from Google. 

Testing & Regular Review

Every organization’s email infrastructure is different and complex. Test and review your DMARC Gmail policies with PowerDMARC to prevent backlash.