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DMARC Services for Government Institutions

Major government bodies can fall prey to phishing, leading to huge financial scams

Why is it so dangerous for government institutions to get scammed?

  • Millions of people rely on government notifications for things like taxes, municipal administration, and personal identification documents. These often come in the form of email sent to individuals by various government departments, many of which use your sensitive personal data or even financial data.

  • Given how official government-issued notifications cannot be ignored, users tend to open them and follow their instructions without bothering to check if they’re genuine or not. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for the potential attacker, including sending fake tax department forms to steal users’ financial information, requesting pending payments to the local government body, or even identity theft.

  • Although many government organizations around the world have made DMARC mandatory, there’s still a marked lack of serious enforcement even in more DMARC-forward countries like the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Norway and Australia.

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

PowerDMARC can make email safer for citizens and the government

  • Phishing attacks usually target normal citizens with emails requesting money transfers or an update to existing database information, often with a warning to not delay or ignore the message at the risk of legal action. This lends an urgency to the message, and users unwittingly comply with the fake demand to avoid any punishment from authorities. But with PowerDMARC technology, you can combat these threats.

  • Features like AI-driven Threat Intelligence and 24×7 monitoring and alerts look for and identify threats to your email channels wherever they are in the world. We manage security in your domain so you don’t have to, and give you the option of customizing your PowerDMARC solution for your needs.

  • Governments are an authority figure among citizens, making it difficult to ignore an email from them even when the user is confident that it’s fake. PowerDMARC can ensure that unauthorized emails are flagged and prevented from being delivered to citizens’ inboxes, safeguarding them from phishing attacks and email scams.