Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.
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DMARC for Healthcare Organizations

BEC can compromise medical information and put patient lives at risk

Why are healthcare organisations targeted so often?

  • Healthcare is simultaneously one of the most important and fragile industries in the world. When human lives are on the line, every decision made by healthcare professionals is an important one. The smallest mishaps can carry serious consequences.

  • Phishing and impersonation is rampant in cybercrime against healthcare. Over 95% of healthcare organizations were targeted by phishing attacks by someone using their own domain. And all of them had their domains spoofed to target patients and business partners.

  • Email fraud can compromise medical data, interfere with transactions, and create serious difficulties in administering critical treatments to thousands of patients globally. But what really makes this a problem is that 98% of healthcare domains are unprotected from phishing and spoofed email.

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

PowerDMARC can help protect healthcare organizations

  • When it comes to patients’ wellbeing, nothing less than the best of healthcare is acceptable. We believe the same is true of your email security systems. And that means choosing PowerDMARC. Our entirely web-based cybersecurity platform doesn’t just defend your domain, it actively secures it. 

  • Features like AI-driven Threat Intelligence and 24×7 monitoring and alerts look for and identify threats to your email channels wherever they are in the world. We manage security in your domain so you don’t have to, and give you the option of customizing your PowerDMARC solution for your needs.

  • Healthcare is one of the few human endeavours that truly everyone benefits from. It’s important that the people and organizations providing millions of patients with life-saving care also able to secure the digital interfaces that allow them to do so. And the first step in that direction starts with PowerDMARC.