Important Alert: Google and Yahoo will require DMARC starting from April 2024.
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DMARC Monitoring and Analysis for Marketing Companies

Marketing companies use a lot of email, increasing the chances of BEC

How does domain spoofing directly affect marketing campaigns?

  • If you work at a marketing company, you’ll know how organizations like yours depend on email. 300 billion emails are sent everyday for both business and personal inboxes, and a huge chunk of that are promotional emails. Exactly the kind you likely send out several times a minute, perhaps even seconds.

  • Imagine if someone were to use your company’s name in their email to launch a phishing attack that stole user data or money. Attackers basically have the power to use your brand against you and exploit people’s trust in your company. 

  • This could lead to you losing clients, compromising company and user data, as well as irreparably damage the reputation of your brand. Users will be less likely to click on your emails now that they know your domain was spoofed.

Secure your entire email channel

Secure your entire email channel

PowerDMARC can make sure every email you send is secured

  • Spoofing attacks that target marketing companies are usually looking to redirect users to malicious sites using fake links and login portals. These are often carefully constructed to look exactly like the original versions and fool users into giving up their personal information. But with PowerDMARC technology, you can combat these threats.

  • Features like AI-driven Threat Intelligence and 24×7 monitoring and alerts look for and identify threats to your email channels wherever they are in the world. We manage security in your domain so you don’t have to, and give you the option of customizing your PowerDMARC solution for your needs.

  • PowerDMARC doesn’t just defend your domain from Business Email Compromise (BEC), it actively secures it. When all emails going out of your channels are authenticated against DMARC, pinpointing the exact source of the threat becomes much easier. And best of all, your customers can rest easy knowing you’re protected by the most advanced email security suite on the market. 


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