To complement the Industry-wide BIMI rollout, PowerDMARC has joined hands with DigiCert to provide brands with Verified Mark Certificates (VMC) for starting their BIMI journey seamlessly.

The BIMI program requires that you configure your domain with an enforced DMARC policy, together with a verified mark certificate. PowerDMARC has emerged as a pioneer in the email security industry, allowing organizations to set up their domains with DMARC authentication, and shift to a more secure policy.

Now, with this invaluable partnership, brands can avail of their DigiCert VMCs for BIMI directly by signing up for PowerBIMI: the one-click easy BIMI implementation solution that allows you to upload your VMC and SVG file at ease without the hassle of hosting and maintaining any servers! Sit back and enjoy the benefits of VMC and BIMI as we handle the rest for you in the background.

Verified Mark Certificates: What is VMC?

VMCs allow brands to render their unique brand logo next to the “sender” field for emails as a mark of authenticity. It helps your customers determine the credibility of your message even before they open the email. Overall, it builds trust among customers and provides a visually compelling email experience. It is both an email verification system and a marketing tool that takes your brand recall to a whole new level!

VMC Benefits for Growing Businesses

The various benefits of VMC include:

  • A 10% increase in email engagement rates
  • Enforced DMARC policy that keeps phishing attacks, spoofing, and fake emails at bay
  • Provides a visually appealing email experience
  • Helps you streamline your BIMI adoption journey

About DigiCert

As a leading U.S. certificate authority (CA), DigiCert has issued more than 50 million certificates for more than 10 million domain names and is the largest provider of publicly trusted SSL/TLS certificates in the industry. They follow a unanimous goal of verifying brand identities to secure an organization’s digital interactions.

About PowerDMARC

PowerDMARC is your one-stop email authentication SaaS platform with one goal: to make your emails safe again! We provide hosted email authentication solutions like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and BIMI, along with MSP/MSSP opportunities for global brands. We aim at improving the email security infrastructure at your organization and protect your domains from impersonation, spoofing, and brand abuse. PowerDMARC offers managed DMARC services and deployment services that are both cost-effective and easy to configure, allowing you to roll out BIMI and DMARC at the fastest market speed!

Sign up for your DMARC analyzer today, or contact us at [email protected] for any queries.

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